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theatregroup Mosquitowiththegoldentooth

Theatregroup Mugmetdegoudentand is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 'Mugmetdegoudentand' is Dutch for 'the mosquito with the golden tooth'.

In its productions, Mugmetdegoudentand will attempt not only to catch the complexity of the contemporary world, but first and foremost, its work will be a powerful theatrical amplifier of individual voices. With its productions, ever since it's founding in 1985, a unique style has evolved: cutting edge, vital, physical, humorous and open to the audience.

The company sees the importance of making clear distinctions, an ability urgently needed in our times. Today, opinions seem to be hopelessly interchangeable, axioms are shifting, social and personal values have to be reassessed. In this confusing reality, everyone has to find his or her way. In a time when each opinion seems to count, it is important to gain more awareness about the way opinions are formed and to which extent they determine our social reality. The Mug considers it essential that the theatre attempts to distinguish between one opinion and another, between reality and projection, between ratio and emotion, objectivity and feeling, between core and fringe.

In 1985, an experienced director, and a dozen young, driven, but still unformed actors started exploring unconventional but certainly meaningful new theatre forms. Today, 30 years later, the group is very much alive, with a unique position in Dutch theater. The approach of mugmetdegoudentand is nothing if not experimental, with frequent excursions to other media and art forms incorporated into their productions: novels, newspaper accounts, diaries, letters, documentaries, films, interviews, stories and personal experiences.

Two of the performances of mugmetdegoudentand are translated and available in English and German. 

available in English: Hannah and Martin

Hannah and Martin

The play Hannah and Martin is based on the secret love affair between the Jewish philosopher Hannah Arendt and her teacher, philosopher Martin Heidegger, who was briefly an active National Socialist. The relationship between Arendt and Heidegger has often been labelled as immoral. They didn't want to discuss it. But we do. Because the separation of private and public life they both prized so much simply doesn't cut it in our times. We want to know how these two famous Germans managed to beat out a path for themselves in the dramatic period they lived through. And what would they have thought of our times? Arendt's deeply political work still possesses an enormous vitality; Heidegger's philosophical writing is less yielding - we still haven't finished his best known work Being and Time.

Hannah and Martin by Joan Nederlof, Lineke Rijxman and Willem de Wolf is performed by Lineke Rijxman and Willem de Wolf.


Former mayor of Amsterdam Job Cohen: 'A wonderful play. Cleverly conceived, well executed and wonderfully acted. Gives pause for reflection.'

NRC: 'Intelligent theatre of a rare order.'

De Volkskrant: 'Veers from a hilariously awkward sex scene to an intensely powerful argument regarding the trial of Adolf Eichmann and the banality of evil.'

Het Parool: 'Extraordinarily intelligent and sometimes overpowering theatre (...) Rijxman's imagination as an actor is phenomenal.'


In 2009, Lineke Rijxman won the Theo d'Or, the Netherlands' most prestigious theatre award, for her role in Hannah and Martin. From the jury report: 'In Hannah en Martin, Lineke Rijxman produces phenomenal pace-changes, transformations, vast tonal ranges, and unstressed shifts of characterization, all with an astonishing precision. She plays philosopher Hannah Arendt in various periods of her life, alternating these with the role of Lineke Rijxman, the actress. In the wrong hands, this approach could have led to a descent into stereotypes, but in Rijxman's hands it adds depth. She is constantly switching tone, accommodating the shifts in time and situation and making them transparent with her vivid and nuanced acting, which becomes increasingly personal towards the end.'

Hannah and Martin was selected for the 2010 Dutch Theatre Festival. From the jury report: 'The structure of Hannah en Martin is incredibly cleverly conceived. It is a house of mirrors in which the actors shift from situation to situation and character to character with apparently effortless ease.'

available in English: Superkapitalisten

Superkapitalisten English

Superkapitalisten is an intelligent and funny play about Ayn Rand and Alan Greenspan.

"Selfishness sould be the main motive of people. You just have to do what you want; it is ultimately the best for the world", says Ayn Rand.

The influential American philosopher Ayn Rand was acquainted to Alan Greenspan, one of the most influential men of the world. Greenspan served as Chairman of the Federal Reserve of the United States from 1987 to 2006. The economic strategy of Alan Greenspan — an economist and a disciple of libertarian icon Ayn Rand - was held up as the leading cause of the financial crisis in 2008. Greenspan panics on the evening before his hearing by the House of Representatives. How did this happen?

The young actors Sieger Sloot and Eva Marie de Waal are not interested in making a historically correct reconstrucion of the lives of Rand and Greenspan. They are fascinated by the ideas of Ayn Rand. Based on the famous book 'The Fountainhead' they try to understand the ideas of Rand and Greenspan and the possible consequences of the financial crisis on their personal lifes. 

Today, the unchanged culture of the financial industry is painfully obvious. The banks seem to control the politicians. Is there a way out of the crisis?

For more information about these productions you can send an email to our managing director Margreet Huizing.

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